Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Meme!

Ray at Stella Borealis has tagged me for another "About Me" Meme.

This one is from me Ray!

Here are the rules according to whomever likes to make up rules:

• Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
• People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
• At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
• Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Eight things about me that you really don't need to know

1. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? That one is easy! I hope to promulgate devotion to the Sorrows of Mary as sanctioned by and enriched with indulgences by the Roman Catholic Church. I hope and pray to recieve the promises given by Heaven for practicing and speading this devotion. I also hope to assist the Holy Souls in Purgatory by encouraging devotion to them as well. Both jobs are equally important to me. I try (with the exception of memes!) to stay in the background of this blog. Mary Most Sorrowful - may thy prayers on behalf of my wicked soul obtain for my the gifts of humility and the love of being hidden!

2. Are you a spiritual person? Bleech! Being spiritual is code for "I believe in a higher power but not in any religion" Well, I am a proud Roman Catholic. I am a religious lay person and a member of Christ's body, that is the Roman Catholic Church. When I say the Creed: "We believe in one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.." I mean every word with all my heart and soul.

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?

  • A cell phone with a signal

  • Enough food and water to keep me alive

  • uh...a boat would be good?
4. What’s your favorite childhood memory? My mother reading bedtime stories to me, and the way she would hug and hold me when I was sick.

5. Are these your first (tagging) memes? My third actually.

6. Eight random facts about me.
  • I often fall asleep with my Rosary in my hands. The feel of the Rosary beads in my hands is the most comforting things in my life and could be likened holding Mary's hand.

  • I LOVE eating out. I love to dine with other people in full restaurants and sip wine and talk, talk talk...

  • My favorite city is Montreal (my husband is from there)...Ah la rue de St. Denis ~ les restaurants, les magasins, les gens dans la rue...tu me manques!

  • I am absolutely, mad dog, crazy in love with my French Canadian husband. I am not exaggerating!

  • I have a thing about those pretty scented body sprays - I'm not sure I could live without them..

  • I LOVE coffee. The best coffee I've ever tasted is from Le Brulerie de St. Denis in Montreal.

  • I studied in Paris during college for a time. Hated it there, wanted to kiss the ground when I got off the plane back in the U.S. If you want to immerse yourself in french, go to Quebec, the people are actually nice there and don't treat you like trash.

  • One of my greatest joys in life is brushing my daughter's hair. They have the most beautiful shades of dark golden hair!

Tagging 8 people: Well...here goes: Dymphna at Dymphna's Road, The Cannonball at The Crescat, Jayne at So Many Devotions, So Little Time..., Chris at Domine Non Sum Dignus, Hilaire at Through the Valley, Mary Alexander at Against all Heresies, Heather at Catholic Mom in Sweden and The Coffee Wife at The Walled Garden.


M. Alexander said...

I enjoyed reading about you! I think you are such a delightful person you should put more of yourself into the blog. I forget which saint said, "When people see me, let them see Our Lady."

But we have to see you first!

Sanctus Belle said...

Mary - I'll have to pray about this. I purposely made this blog to be about its mission and not about me. But I also realize getting to know a person through their blog is one of the most attractive parts of any blog. I do try from time to time to write of my own experiences in my postings. Perhaps I'll do this more often. But this blog cannot be about me - therein lies the risk of blogging: having it become me, me me and not about God, God, God.

All glory is Your Almighty God, forever, and ever...Amen+

M. Alexander said...

I'm responding to the meme here b/c I assure you no one else could possibily be interested in the answers.

1. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? I hope to rouse people, especially Catholics who have no excuse, from their tv-induced stupor as to what is happening to the Church, the culture and with our children. I want people to get fighting mad and resist the evil that is all around us.

2. Are you spiritual? The word has gotten a bad rap and was used by people rejecting the Faith and God and worshipping themselves instead. But if we take it to mean concerned about the Spiritual things over the temporal then I struggle to be.

3. Stranded on a desert island- what 3 things?
- teapot

I'm a very practical person.

4. Favorite childhood memory- tough one because there are so many. Probably being carried by my father when I was a toddler.

5. 1st Meme- online yes- but my family sometimes sends these around.

6. Eight random facts
- right now I should be planning my dinner menu and shopping list
-I once lived in Saudi Arabia for 18 months
-I would rather drive a standard than an automatic transmission car
-I'm obsessed with Mount Everest and the history of its climbing expeditions
-If given the option to choose my method of death I would choose martyrdom by firing squad
- It drives me crazy when flooring is not laid perpendicularly in a room
-My first seven children are named after martyrs and the eighth is an Old Testament name
-I wish I had lived in the 18th century, preferably as a character in one of Jane Austen's books

Ray from MN said...

Wonderful post, Sanctus!

Thanks for playing!

Montreal and the St Joseph Shrine and Ste Anne de Beaupre are on my pilgrimage list.

Sanctus Belle said...

Mary - Thank you so much for responding! I really enjoyed your responses!

I too would choose death by firing squad in martyrdom, in fact I have often asked God for this grace. You and I would make great real-life friends I am willing to bet.

M. Alexander said...

I agree-

Vive Cristo Rey!

Carolina Cannonball said...

I agree with Mary, it was a rare treat to get to another side of Ms. Belle.


swissmiss said...

Couldn't find a better place to post my comments, sorry! Just wanted to say you have a beautiful blog. I think the black background really sets off the pics and provides a solemn/reverential tone to your blog. And, it would be nice to have more info on you, although I respect your desires...just think/pray about it.

Was your blog down for awhile? I couldn't access it a week or so ago?

About your meme. My brother lives in Geneva and feels like you do about Paris and pretty much most of Europe...he's very unhappy there. I have always wanted to visit Quebec and Montreal. I used to live in Seattle and visited British Columbia often and have been to Toronto. And, my daughter has beautiful blond hair, but hates to have me brush it. She's only going to be two, so there is still hope we can have moments like yours. And, when do you find time to eat out with friends?!! I can't even get dinner alone with my husband!

Sanctus Belle said...

SwissMiss: I'm not aware of my blog being down at all. I've not posted as often as usual as I've been crazy busy.

Eating out with friends?? Well, my children are a bit older now, my youngest is just finishing 4th grade so I have while they are in school and my oldest can babysit in the evenings for an occasional night out. I NEVER thought I'd ever be out of the baby/diaper/toddler stage but alas - that time does pass. I don't miss all that running around, but I do miss all the cuddling (sigh).