Thursday, February 22, 2007

God Bless Pope Benedict XVI

Lent is for Conversion NOT self-realization!
(Source: Catholic World News article)
Our Holy Father in his Ash Wednesday audience gives all the faithful wise direction:
"Speaking to about 10,000 people in the Paul VI auditorium, the Holy Father broke from his series of talks on the apostolic Church to speak about the spiritual challenges of Lent, saying that the penitential season is an invitation for the faithful to experience...."
"...train ourselves more earnestly to seek God.” He insisted that the process of sacrifice and prayer should be seen as a process of conversion and a striving for union with God rather than an exercise in self-improvement.
“Self-realization is a contradiction,” the Pope said, “and it is too little for us. We have a higher destiny.” Pope Benedict called attention to his Lenten Message, which emphasize Christ’s love for mankind, culminating in his Sacrifice. “The Cross is the definitive revelation of love and divine mercy,” he said. “ To enter into this mystery of love there is no other way than that of losing ourselves, giving ourselves, the Way of the Cross."
Try as I might I cannot think of an office more burdensome than that of the Holy Pontiff. On the day of his election, he said to each of us "I entrust myself to your prayers." We must take this seriously - he needs are prayers very much for our Holy Father is the shepherd of the Church at a very difficult time. Not only does evil reign in so many areas of the world, so many of the faithful have become food for the mouths of wolves - but there is so much open dissent within the ranks of our Holy Religion. That along with the hyper-scrutiny placed upon his every word and action in a venemously Christian hating media. Each of us have a grave duty to pray for our Holy Father!
May the Lord bless and protect our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI
May he be blessed upon the earth, may he not be turned over to his enemies.
God Bless our Holy Father's personal sanctity, may he be rich in holiness and a perfect example to all the faithful. May his ministry be pleasing to Your Holy Sight. Keep him safe so he may shepherd your church for many years to come.

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